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Covid 19 Information for RSCA Members

Historic Vehicles and Covid 19

There has been some chatter recently regarding driving Historic vehicles during the current Stage 3 restrictions for the Covid 19 virus. Phil Mudie from Southern Motoring Group has sent through a couple of emails on the topic from a NSW standpoint. Given that the Covid19 order states:

In particular, this Order directs that a person must not, without reasonable excuse, leave the person’s place of residence. Examples of a reasonable excuse include leaving for reasons involving—

(a) obtaining food or other goods and services, or

(b) travelling for the purposes of work or education if the person cannot do it at home, or

(c) exercise, or

(d) medical or caring reasons.

In addition, this Order directs that a person must not participate in a gathering in a public place of more than 2 persons. Exceptions include—

(a) gatherings of members of the same household, and

(b) gatherings essential for work or education.

we can assume that you can still use your Historic vehicle if you are conducting any of the above activities. However, non-essential use of your vehicle is prohibited.

In addition, you can still get your vehicle registered when that is due. The following extract is also useful….


Corona virus update

This information explains how current laws concerning the Corona virus outbreak apply to businesses undertaking the following government services:

  • Safer Drivers Course
  • Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme
  • Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment scheme
  • Older Driver Assessor
  • Driving instructors
  • Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme
  • Authorised Inspection Stations
  • Accessing government services

New laws took effect on 31 March 2020 which require people to remain at home unless they have a reasonable excuse such as travelling to work or shopping for food.

Those laws also provide that a person may leave their house to use a public service whether the public service is provided by the government or by a service provider (such as you) on behalf of government.

Transport for NSW considers the services listed above to be important public services which your customers may still lawfully access.

You may continue to run your business.

2024 Subscriptions

2024 Annual RSCA Subscriptions are due on 31st December 2023

If you have a Heritage Registered vehicle and have nominated the RSCA as your primary Club, and have not yet paid your 2024 Subscriptions, your vehicle is NOT REGISTERED beyond the 31st December 2023, and you are liable to heavy fines if you drive your vehicle.

2024 Invoices will be forwarded to members in November 2023. If  you would like to have your future invoice forwarded to you via email as a .pdf file please email Lesley Frede , this will save the postage fairies some work.